homemade skin care recipes


We use rice as a food on daily basis. But did you knew that you can achieve Flawless skin and Long hairs using Rice Powder? Rice are rich in minerals and high on nutritional side. Today I am going to tell yo the few benefits about how you can use rice powder in your daily routine for beautiful flawless skin. These are one of the best homemade skin care recipes.

Dark Circles

Since we mostly have tough routines due to daily work loads. Most of times we get less time to sleep which can cause Dark Circles. Well, now you can get ride of that tried look and feel cool. Rice powered is one of the most natural ways with no side effects, as most of the market products don’t suit your skin mostly, it can be one of the best alternative.

Tips to Use

Get the following ingredients

  • Castor Oil
  • Banana
  • Rice Flour

Make a thick paste using above mentioned items. Apply the paste over effected areas. This can give your skin a great flow makes you feel relax and makes you look younger.

Skin Whitening

As rice are quite rich in minerals, its know as is one of the most natural sources to glow up your skin. The vitamins found in rice are best cleansing agent and help boost the skin tone.

Tips to Use

Get the following ingredients

  • Honey
  • Curd
  • Rice Powder

Make a paste using these ingredients , and apply it all over your face and neck area. Wait for 30 minutes or so until it gets dried. Wash it with normal water. You will get a beautiful glows and soft skin.

Get ride of Wrinkles or Pimples

Did you know that rice powder is one of the most natural sources to get rid of pimples or skin wrinkles? Rice powder can act is best anti aging cream and give you a complete flawless skin.

How to Use?

  • Lemon Juice
  • Cucumber Juice
  • Rice Powder ( 1 Teaspoon )

Make a thick paste out of it and apply it all over your face. Wait for while unit it get dried and wash with normal water. It is recommended to use when you come from outside and you skin was exposed to sunlight.

Sun Rays Protection

Did you know that rice powder is your natural sunscreen? Ferulic acid and Allantoin are sun protecting agents found in rice powder.

How to Use?

Get some rice powder and mix it with cold milk. Apply the paste over you face. Wait for 15 minutes, afterwards wash it with cold water. You should at least repeat this once in a week. Within a month or two you will start noticing you skins starting glowing. You can also use the rice-soaked water for the same kind of result as an alternate.

Face Powder

Did you know that rice powder can be one of the best natural replacement for an expensive face powders found in market? Indeed yes…!!! Rice hold some oil absorbing properties and hence making it a natural face powder.

How to use?

Get cornstarch and rice powder in ratio 1:2. Mix both of the powders and apply it thoroughly all over you face with a makeup brush. In case you would want your makeup to stay longer you can use the same. Just after applying the foundation, pat your skin with mixed powder and get a silky smooth skin.

Got Smooth and Straight Hairs

You can use the rice powder to get smooth and straight hairs as rice minerals hold some hair toning abilities.

How to Use?

Take some rice powder and Multani Mitti in equal quantity and mix well to make a fine paste. Apply it over you hairs. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash your hairs with normal waiter. Using it regularly can give you good smooth and straight hairs.